On the Record

Tuesday, March 29, 2022


Stevenson Tyrone Taylor, 48 and Cassie Michele Hicks, 39

Bryan Kristoffer Gacita De La Silva, 30 and Macy Madison Chin Cimafranca, 33

Grady Earl Powell, 51 and Yolanda Monette Richardson, 53

Charles Marvin Campbell, 60 and Lisa Ann Bennett, 54

Claude West Jr., 36 and Maya Shanell Robinson, 23

James Russell Richardson, 38 and Kameron Nicole Flowers Willis, 30

Tylor Andrew William Howell, 27 and Dallas Kay Peevyhous, 25

Ray Leshun Kimble, 39 and Rebecca Denise Ellis, 38

Harrison Dakota Clevenger, 23 and Ashley Brooke Price, 21

Harold Huspon Jr., 45 and Teena Marie Jeffrey, 43

Christopher Jordan Haley, 20 and Heaven Lashana Curry, 18

Dyer County Sessions

March 10

Christina Batey- allow dogs to run at large-prop dmg, 250$ FINE, 260$ Humane Society and costs

Sam Kirby Becker- DUI 1st, driving while lic rev, driving on rdwys laned for traffic, driving while lic susp 2nd, financial resp law, drivers to exercise due care, leave scene of accident-prop dmg, failure to appear, cont

Ryan D Binkley- driving while lic susp, registration exp, motor driven cycles helmet req, cont

Christopher Byars- prob violation, cont

Timothy J Camaso- dom asslt, no contact order, cont

Kenneth Allen Childress- dom asslt, 11/29 susp t/s, no cost

Brandon Clifton- dom asslt, 11/29 susp 30 days, 100 fine and costs, no contact

Christian Enochs- dom asslt, fta, cont

Antonio Deshun Freeman- fta, 10 days susp, driving while lic susp, speeding, 10 days susp, cont

Zachary T Garrison- theft of prop 10000-60000, driving while lic susp, alter/falsify/forge title/plate/ assignment, speeding, fin resp law, fta, cont

Dixie C Hayne- driving while lic rev 2nd, seat belt, reg exp, cont

Lane Perry Jackson- DUI 1st, open container, drivers to exercise due care, cont

Toni Kosakowski- retaliate for past action, poss unlaw drug para u&a, obedience to any req traffic control device, fta, cont

Heidi Leigh Langley- speeding, driving while lic rev, fin resp law, cont

Desiree Lilly- dom asslt, prob viol, fta, cont

Roy Milton Mathis- speeding, driving w/o lic, fin resp law, cont

Laquanda F Matthews- prob viol, cont

Ralph E McCutcheon- vandalism- cont

Christopher Milligan- theft of prop 2500 to 10000, cont

Kendetra Latrice Ricks- driving while lic susp 2nd, speeding, seat belt, fin resp law, cont

Kadie Simmons- driving while lic susp, vehicles/streetcars stop at all stop signs, child restraint under 4, fin resp law, cont

Clifton R Stone- DUI 3rd, seat blet, driving unreg vehicle on hwy, fin resp law, drivers to exercise due care, cotn

David M Tate- driving while lic susp, seat belt, fta, pay cost

Emily Taylor Underwood- allowing dog to run at large, fta, cont

Jerry Vaughn- driving while lic rev 2nd, joyriding, fin resp law, driving to exer due care, cont

Cadron L Watkins- driving while lic rev, speeding, fta, state warrant

Eddie Dean Williams- violent offender own/possess vicious dog, cont

Lori L Williams- allowing dog to run at large, cont

Jaden S Woods Horn- driving on rdwys laned for traffic, 5 fine and cost, cont

Mary Wright- DUI 1st, paid

March 14

Aaron Allan Armstrong- speeding, dna

William Chumley- driving while lic susp, seat belt, fin resp law, fta- mis, 10 day susp t/s no costs, cont

Sherri A Hanson- allowing dog to run at large, cont

Caleb Hendrix- evading arrest flight, reckless driving, jail docket

Cody Lee Herndon- vandalism, paid

Christopher Wayne Lee- simple poss/cas exch-meth, poss unlaw drug para u&a, state warrant

Jose Mayolo Martinez- speeding, driving w/o lic, cont

Blake Michael McClahnahan- DUI 1st, drivers to exer due care, cont

Keashun Moses- dom asslt, cont

Joyce Okransinki- resist stop, arrest, search (no weap), cont

Alexis Grace Perry- speeding, 250 fine and cost

Priscilla Ann Sharp- speeding, cont

Mark Thompson- light law, reg exp, fin resp law, cont

Dillon A Williams- driving while lic susp, fin resp law, drivers to exer due care, cont

Markus D Williams- speeding, cont

March 17

Lamargarita None Akins- speeding, 50 fine and costs

Maddie Wilkes Brandon, speeding, paid

Tammy Perdomo Brewer, speeding, paid

Mark Charles Brunt- speeding, DNA

Erich Joseph Flethcer- speeding, paid

Damion Scott Haynes- speeding, cont

Nathan Ray Lamb- seat belt, paid

Marley Elizabeth Mountjoy- simple poss/casual exchange, cont

Simon B Patterson- driving w/o lic, cont

Franteshia Ann Pollard- speeding, paid

Hunter Keith Pollock- speeding, cont

Stephanie Evonne Pride- speeding, paid

Darrell Edward Sollis- DUI 2nd, vehicular asslt, seat blet, fin resp law, drivers to exer due care, cont

Lauren Hunter Spry- seat belt, DNA

Michael C Volner- unlawful use of telecommunication device while driving, paid