On the Record

Tuesday, July 11, 2023


Conner Moore Montgomery, 20 and Makayla Rose Garrison, 21

Adam Zachary Rogers, 33 and Jennifer Christine Booker Midkiff, 38

Brian Edward Butler, 39 and Jennifer Diane Carroll Peevyhouse, 46

Alec Seth Jackson, 22 and Kara Ann Sampson, 21

Trinity Elaine Baker, 22 and Jeremy Kyle Jackson, 26

Zachary Stephen Hlava, 26 and Mallory Faith Redden, 26

Jacoby Obrian Harris, 31 and Alexus Lashay Edwards, 28

Steven Vanoy Cox, 50 and Sharon Alic Lupicki Malone, 46

City of Dyersburg

May 22

Brenton Lamar Bell- fta, viol of prob 1,-11/29 susp 10, waive costs, consecutive

Rae Anne Bell- fta-11/29 susp 30, waive costs, assume old fine

Jasmine Ranee Calvey- fta-11/29 susp 30, assume old fines/costs

Alexis Jean Coker- viol of prob 5- full rev

Eddie Manson Evans- fta-11/29 susp to 20 days, no costs, cons

Dakota Harber- viol of prob 2- 30 days, costs, ext prob, restart drug screens

Erick Holland Jr-fta, ciol of prob 2- 11/29 susp to 10 days, consecutive

Patrick Thomas Mackey- disorderly conduct-30 days susp 48 hrs, 50 fine/costs, no wthc unless true emergency

Kenneth Matthews- poss sch II- poss cocaine w/ intent amended simple poss cocaine: 11/29 susp 20, 750 fine and costs, drug screens

Steveie Chyanne Mims-theft of prop conduct involving merch-pretrial diversion: cont 11/29, costs, restrained from Walmart

Crystal Faith Musser- fta-10 days susp ts, waive costs

Kaycee Lane Parnell-simp poss marj-poss marj w/intent amended simp poss- judicial diversion, 11/29 susp 48 hrs, costs

Terry Jerome Rickman Jr-theft of prop conduct inv merch-11/29 susp to 30 days pay restitution and costs, no Walmart

Anthony Decarlos Thompson- viol of prob 3- full rev

Samariah Antoinette Thompson- harassment- agg sex exp. Of minor amended to harassment, judicial diversion, con 11/29, pay costs, no contact w victim

Tracy Lynn Wallace- fta-10 days susp ts, waive costs

May 29

Qiana T Akins- viol of prob 2-30 days, pay costs, ext prob, restart drug screens

Yalanda E Avery- driving one can/susp/rev 2nd- dism on costs

Lynn Casie Canales-driving while lic can/sus/rev-dism on costs

Brian Keith Fair- fta-11/29 susp 40, waive cost

Logan Kyle Gage- theft of prop conduct involving merch-11/29 susp, costs, restrained from Walmart

Caitlynn M Kirk-dui-11/29 susp 48 hrs, 350 fine, 1 yr lic rev, drug screens

Louis Dewayne McCoy IV-resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, retaliation for past actions, asslt on a first responder, resist, stop, frisk, halt-bo to grand jury

Demitrice Ladell McCrite- fta-10 days susp ts, waive csots, assume odl fines

Caitlin Elizabeth Pence- viol of prob 2- 75 days, pay costs, ext prob, restart screens

Travis Wayne Thomason- fta-11/29 susp 20, waive csots

Alicia Queena White- simp poss marj, weapon (gun) under influ, poss drug para, theft under 2500 (firearm), false reports-b/o to grand jury

Daniel Wayne Young- fta-11/29 susp 20, waive costs, assume old fines

Justin Brasfield- fta, viol of prob 4-11/29 susp to 40 days, no costs

Jessica Brisendine- criminal trespass- 30 days susp 5, 50 fine and costs, restrained from Tiger Express

Thomas Eric Chamberlain-fta-10 days, no costs, concurrent

Brian Edward Daniels- viol of prob 1- 45 days, pay costs, restart drug screens

Kellena Paige Davis- theft of prop conduct inv merch- 11/29 susp to ts, costs, no Walmart

Edward L Estes- viol of prob 1- 15 days, pay costs, restart screens

Briona Meosha Harris-driving while lic can/sus/rev, fta-6 mos susp to 48 hrs, 50 fine/csots, consecutive to fta

Tiffany Hayes- fta-11/29 susp to ts, no costs, assume old fines

Amy Dianne Hill- fta-11/29 susp 90, waive costs, assume old fine

Jaiden Alayna Jackson-theft of prop conduct involving merch-11/29 all ts, pay costs, no Walmart

Christopher William Johnson-sui 3rd- 11/29 susp to 120 days, 1100 fine/costs, 6yr lic rev

Brian Douglas Kennedy- viol of an order of protection-11/29 susp to 60 days, waive costs, concurrent with 2 yr sentence owed

Bobby Lee Lambert- viol of prob 3- full rev, balance of time

Norris Long- public intox- 30 days susp to ts, 50 fine/costs

Patrick Thomas Mackey- viol of prob 3- 45 days, costs,ext prob, restart drug screens

Terra Manns- vandalism u/1000, fta-11/29 susp ts, pay 250 restituion

Adrienne McCrite- theft of prop conduct involve merch-11/29 susp, costs, no Walmart, unsup

Joshua Donte McElrath-dom asslt- cont 6 months, costs, nvco

Kristopher Jonta Moody- u/1000 fraud use cred/deb card u/1000-11/29 susp to 48 hrs, no costs, pay restitution

Phillip Wade Moss-public intox-30 days susp ts, 5 0fine

James Edward Ozment- disorderly conduct-30 susp ts, 50 fine

Kaitlyn Deree Permenter- dom asslt-cont 6 mos, costs, anger management, nco w/victim, if no further trouble dism

Biran Keith Rickert-dom asslt- cont 6 mos, if no further trouble case will be dism, pay costs, no viol contact order with victim, paid in full, dism

Michael A Robinson-poss marj-11/29 susp to ts, 250 fine/costs, drug screens

Joshua S Roy-fta-11/29 susp 20, assume old fines

Destiny Terrell-resisting arrest-6 mos susp to 5 days, waive costs

Jeremiah Toles-criminal trespass-30 days susp 10, costs

Brandon Cordell Walker- criminal trespass- 30 days, waive costs, no H and S Market

Gary Webb- dui- 11/29 susp to 48 hrs, 350 fine/costs, 1 yr lic rev

Jayson Allan Young- theft of prop conduct involving merch-11/29 susp 48 hrs, costs, no walmart