God is speaking. Are we listening?

Monday, February 19, 2024
Clayton Hayes is a lifelong resident of Dyer County.

Imagine driving down a dark road in a heavy rainstorm, and your headlights illuminate a yellow warning road sign. Displayed on it are the words.....” BRIDGE OUT. TURN AROUND”.

What is your reaction?

Of course, you slam on the brakes and plan to turn around from the impending danger.

In so many words, God is telling America to “turn around” or suffer the consequences of our actions.

“Bridge Out. Turn around America!”

Too many of us are wondering … “Is that bridge actually out? I’ll drive on and check it out.”

As you travel on, another road sign appears, glaring in your headlights, … “Bridge is actually out. Please turn around. Don’t drown”.

America still needs to listen. God is speaking and we’re not listening.

We better listen. God will only put so many warning signs on our roads in life as individuals and as a nation.

Why are we not listening? Evidently, we know better. That America is not as bad as news reports make it out to be.

Take a moment and look around America.

Our problems seemed to multiply when we took God out of our schools, workplaces, and homes.

We’re suffering through pandemics, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, crooked politicians, deteriorating families, riots in our streets, gangs murdering citizens, illegal drugs, wokeness, critical race theory, illegals at our southern border, homeless living on sidewalks, declining church attendance and an empire in decline on the world stage.There are too many things wrong with America today. Do we respond to them with raised fists, looking upward or down on our knees?

God has used various methods throughout history to conform to crisis, confusion, and chaos to interrupt our lives to garner our attention.

“Bridge out. Turn around. Don’t drown”.

We may not know why God is allowing all of these problems, but we better understand what He is saying to us.

With all that’s happening, it’s making our lives and plans pause to give us a real moment of self-reflection that could be that once-in-a-generation happening.

His hands are outstretched toward all of humanity, not demanding we grab hold of them but offering both to us.

Are we reading the warning signs on the roads of our lives?

In a recent Axios-Ipsos poll, 80 percent of Americans, both Republicans and Democrats, say America is falling apart.

During those two years of the Covid pandemic, many of us have only existed.

Still, we are not living the abundant life God is offering to each of us. We’re so busy not really living but chasing after any mirage of love, kindness, purpose, and satisfaction that may provide even a glimmer of fulfilling an inward quest we all want out of life.

We have failed to control the Capitol riots, curb the Covid-19 pandemic, manage the retreat from Afghanistan, and close our Southern border.

So far, America has yet to show any governance and reform capability nor the determination to solve any of her problems. All the while, she was making little connections with God’s guidance and attention-getting methods.

Monetarily, America is bankrupt, with almost $35 trillion in debt and more arriving hourly. Congress is determined to push America over the cliff and proceed to push its Socialist agenda down our parched throats.

Bridge Out – Turn Around.