On the Record

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Dyer County General Sessions Court

July 30

Jaxon Gregory-simple poss of schedule II meth, probation til all paid, drug screens, 11/29 days susp to 30 days, 750 fine/costs

Joseph Inman-theft up to 1000, cont 8/9/18

Russell King-driving while license revoked, 50 fine/costs, 6 mths susp to 48 hours

Mary M Mitchell-driving wile license suspend, no driver license 30 days, pay cost

Mary M Mitchell-speeding, 5 fine/costs

Jeremy S Moore-simple poss/casual exchange, 11/29 susp, 30 days, 750 fine/costs, drug screens, probation

Kody L Parrish-burglary-other than habitation, cont 8/2/18

Michael Shane Patterson Jr-criminal impersonation, vandalism up to 1000, cont 8/13/18

Jeremy Todd Pinckley-domestic assault, cont 8/16/18

Delvecchio Redmond Jr-probation violation, fta, cont 8/9/18

Keith A Robertson-simple poss/casual exchange, poss unlaw drug paraphernalia-attempt, theft over 1000, restraining order, cont 8/2/18

Autumn R Runions-simple poss/casual exchange-meth, poss unlaw drug paraphernalia uses & activities, criminal impersonation, driving while license revoked, failure to appear-misdemeanor, cont 8/2/18

Chloe M Anderson-Wood-speeding, dismissed on driving school

Ismail None Arslan-speeding, paid in full

Chelsea Christine Asa-speeding, 50 fine plus cost

Tabitha Nelson-simple possession, fta, cont 9/6/18

Hailey Brooke Atkins-seat belt 2nd or subsequent, dna, must pay 55 in full if not notify the state

Andrea Brooke Baker-speeding, dismiss on driving school

Bradley D Barham-theft up to 1000, cont 8/30/18

Christian Michael Barnett-driving without license, seat belt, failure to appear-misdemeanor, cont 8/30/18

Joel C Bartlett-speeding, cont 9/27/18, seat belt, driving school, 55

Jason Grant Bell-dui 2nd offense, implied consent-misd, resist stop, arrest, search(no weapon), trial set for 9/20/18

Marlin L Blackwell-seat belt, child restraint-under 4, financial responsibility law, cont 8/30/18

Delecia Michelle Bolden-speeding, driving school

Joseph Ray Boldon-seat belt, 30 fine, cont 8/30/18

Kitty Mae Brasfield-driving while license suspended, driving while license suspended, seat belt, financial responsibility law, bench warrant

Niarobi Montaze Brooks-aggravated assault, dismissed on payment of cost

Billy R Burns-seat belt, 2nd or subsequent, 55 already paid in full

David M Burns-driving without license, vehicles/streetcars stop at all stop signs, 30 days suspended, pay cost, cont 8/30/18

Taylor M Campbell-drivers to exercise due care, dismissed on driving school

Jeremy Allen Carter-speeding, drivers license to be carried and exhibited, westate probation until paid

Fernando None Castro-failure to yield right of way, 25 fine plus cost, financial responsibility law, cost only

Bradley Climer-drivers license to be carried and exhibited, westate until paid in full

Cassidy E Cloninger-speeding, driving school

Chelsea Jo Cobb-driving while license suspended, registration expired, failure to dim lights, financial responsibility law, cont 8/16/18 for trial

Jonathan Presley Cole-simple poss/casual exchange marj less than oz, 11/29 susp to 48 hours, 250 fine plus cost

Kirby Ruth cole-speeding, driving school

Justice Kevante Conley-speeding, registration expired, paid in full

Montavia cooper-seat belt, paid in full

Dakota M cuff-schedule VI drugs, unlaw possession of weapon, criminal impersonation, cont 8/6/18

Dakota M Cuff-illegal taking/possess/destruct of wildlife, cont 8/6/18

Dakota M Cuff-speeding, fta, suspension notice sent to state

Gena Dourham-speeding, paid in full

William D Durden-seat belt, 30 fine

Lashunda Emerson-speeding, driving school

Tameshia F Ford-seat belt, 30 finle

Tracie Forrest-speeding, seat belt, fine plus cost

Pamela Jean Gordon-speeding, dismissed on driving school

Joan Green-drivers to exercise due care, driving school

Tracy S Griggs-seat belt, dna, must pay in full

Jennifer L Hamlin-seat belt, 30 only

Brad D Haymon-driving while license suspended, speeding, financial responsibility law, cont 8/30/18

Eric Clark Haynes-financial responsibility law, cont only

Eric Clark haynes-driving while license revoked-2nd or subsequent-over 10 years, 11/29 susp 50 days, 150 fine plus cost

Ryan E Hicks-seat belt-2nd or subsequent, dna, must pay 55 in full

Eric Michael hinson-speeding, financial responsibility law, driving wile license suspended, paid in full

William David Holbrook-speeding, dismissed on driving school

Tiffany Doyle Jacobs-seat belt, paid in full

Ivory Lahella Jenkins-speeding, probation until all is paid

Bryan K Joe-driving wihole license suspended-2nd or subsequent, speeding, failure to appear-misdemeanor, cont 9/27/2018

Alicia Yolanda Johnson-speeding, dismissed on driving school

Valerie Evelyn Jones-seat belt, 30 only, failure to use turn signal, cost

James Lionel Jordan-seat belt, dna must pay in full

Chase Allen Joy-speeding, dismissed on driving school

Donna J Kilburn-speeding, dismissed on driving school

Kelly Ann Koenig-speeding, fta, suspension notice sent to the state

Lloyd D Leedy-speeding, dismissed on driving school

Vanessa Renee Leek-speeding, paid in full

Richard Darren lones-speeding, paid in full

Heather Jo Mallard-speeding, dismissed on driving school

Joseph Andrew Massie-seat belt, dna, must pay 30 in full

Cynthia Lynn May-speeding, fta, suspension notice sent to MO

Ariel R Mayberry-speeding, paid in full

Richard M Mays-seat belt, 30 only, hdlights on mv must operate during inclem weather, cost

Treasure Nicole Maze-drivers to exercise due care, financial responsibility law, driver license-address req within 10 days, child restraint children ages 9-15, cont 8/30/18

Jessica P McCaig-contra in penal facility, schedule II drugs: mfg, del, sell, pass, cont 9/6/18

Jessica P McCaig-drivers license to be carried and exhibited, failure to appear-misdemeanor, cont 9/6/18

Emma Dawn McClellan-speeding, paid in full

Cassandra M Miller-speeding, dismissed on driving school

Jaden Heath Mims-driver license to be carried and exhibited, westate

Jaden Heath Mims-speeding, westate

Latisha Donya Sangster Mitchell-seat belt, paid in full

Ashley A Moore-speeding, dismissed on driving school

Sierra Dawn Morgan-speeding, driving school

William J Morgan-speeding, dismissed on driving school

Raymond Clyde Nelson-speeding, 5 fine plus cost

Brian W Newell-speeding, dismissed on driving school

Brenda Janeth Robles Nieto-speeding, dismissed on driving school

Mark Owens-speeding, fta-suspension notice sent to state

Judy Faye Pierce-seat belt, dna, must pay 30 in full

Matthew T Pillow-immediate notice of accident, paid in full, driver to exercise due care, dismissed on driving school

Alphonzo Terrell Plummer-no driver license, pay cost, 30 days suspension, establishment of speed zones, 5 fine plus cost

Maher Allan Quran-speeding while workers present, dismissed on driving school

Kimberly Sue Reece-child restraint children ages 9-15, 30 only

Jack Reese-seat belt, 30 only

William M Richardson Jr-drivers to exercise due care, seat belt, fta, suspension notice sent to state

Jonathan Roberts-drving on rdwys laned for traffic, dismissed on driving school

Christopher L Robertson-drivers license to be carried and exhibited, speeding, financial responsibility law, fta, suspension notice sent to state, did not attend driving school or pay cost

Gregory Xavion Ross-speeding, fta, suspension notice sent to state

Kyle Lee Ross-seat blet, drivers to exercise due care, registration expired, cont 9/6/18

Shannon Philip Saliba-drivers to exercise due care, dismissed on driving school

Cecily Brooke Simpson-speeding, 5 fine plus cost

Zachary Royce Simpson-simple poss/casual exchange marj less than oz, 11/29 susp to 48 hours, 250 fine plus cost

David S Smith-driving while license revoked, paid in full

Lanautica Danielle Smith-driving while license suspended, 30 suspended, pay cost, speeding, 5 fine plus cost

David Earl Spence-speeding, dismissed on driving school

Kayley Spitler-seat belt, dna, must pay in full

Charles Bruce Stephens-drivers to exercise due care, registration expired, dismissed on driving school

Ashley Renee Stewart-speeding, dismissed on driving school

Joseph A Stringer-speeding, fta, suspension notice to be filed with the state

Eddie L Taylor-registration expired, cont 9/6/18

Fred D Taylor-speeding, driving school

Jordan Taylor-drivers to exercise due care, driving school

Clarence E Thurmond-speeding, westate probation until all is paid

Shelley Renea Tinkle-seat belt, 30 only

Charles E Tyus-speeding, cont 9/27/18

Ralph Vasquez Jr-speeding, paid in full

Jeffery Lynn Vaughn-speeding, financial responsibility, westate probation til paid

Wayne Allen Watson-speeding, driving school

Shannon Marie Welch-seat belt, dna must pay 30 in full

Michael Lee White-seat belt, 30 only

Betty Jewel Wilson-drivers to exercise due care, 25 fine plus cost

Jimmy Ray Wilson-registration expired, financial responsibility law, headlights on mv must oper dur inclem weather, pay cost

Jimmy Ray Wilson-speeding, 5 plus cost

Johnny R Wilson-seat belt, registration expired, financial responsibility law, improper turn, cont 8/13/18

Johnny R Wilson-driving while license suspended, cont 8/13/18

Johnny Rance Wilson-speeding, financial responsibility law, driving while license suspended, cont 8/13/18

James Brandon Beecham-dui:3rd offense, light law0motor vehicle, cont 9/20/18

Johnathan Lynn Cavness-aggravated assault, driving while license revoked, evading arrest flight-vehicle, waived prelim hearing, bound over to grand jury

Austin Scott Kelly-accessory after the fact, 11/29 suspended to 30 days, pay cost

Andy Redmond-violation of probation, cont 8/23/18

Bennie Lee Long-move over law, cont 8/6/18

Willis T Reynolds-domestic assault, harassment, pay cost on count 1, no contact

Ariel Cruz-accessory after the fact, cont 8/6/18