On the Record

Wednesday, April 3, 2019


Juan Pablo Torres, 40 and Taliya Carl McGuire, 27

Joshua Robert Swims, 34 and Tabitha Lynne Hll Jones, 34

Steven Craig Cogdell Jr, 32 and Misty Elizabeth Maynard, 33

Tristan Corstacey Luckey, 27 and Jacklyen Dezarae Livingston 24

Zachary Ryan Owsley, 31 and Holland-Blair Crenshaw 31

Brandon Calvin Asher, 24 and Hannah Rose Baker, 26

Atavis Cortez Cunningham, 34 and Lachauna Diane Kent Morgan, 42

Joseph Aaron McDugle, 29 Emily Diane Olds 36

Steven Allen Polach, 45 and Amber Ann Harris Street, 34

John Nathan Grijalva Jr, 27 and Stacy Ann Harris, 25

Daniel Alexander Scotkovsky, 24 and Summer Lynn Kizziah, 24

Chase Edward Keul, 21 and Jennah Katherine Loper, 20

John Sammuel Littles, 41 and Jennifer Leigh Wylie Cook, 41

Tyler John Orr, 27 and Jessica Raney Parks, 26

Jonathan Prentice Taylor, 34 and Amber Christine Stiles, 30

Christopher Bryan Maynard, 39 and Jana Rose Cooper, 25

Ralph Vernon Perry Jr, 57, and Beverly Leigh Moore Bates, 57


Tony Lynn Lewis vs Linda Jean Lewis

Lachauana Diane Morgan vs Charles Leo Morgan

Anthony M Bennett vs Sommer L Bennett

Tabitha Lee vs Timmy Lee

Jessica Renee Dozier vs Jason Lynn Dozier

Leslie Diane Littles vs John Sammuel Littles

Chasity Annette Vaughn vs Rocky Thomas Vaughn

Justin Scott Kee vs Anne Ashton Kee

Brent Dwayne Mosley vs Lolita Michelle Mosley

Dyer County General Sessions Court

March 25

Nathan K Ables- Seat belt, 4-25-19

Jon Trout- DUI 2nd, 11/29 susp 45 day 600.00 fine & costs, 2 yr. License rev- Implied consent, poss of drug paraphernalia, 11/29 susp 48 hours, 150.00 fine & costs, drug screens- poss of sch VI

Charles J Barbee- driving while lic susp, speeding- FTA bench warrant

Gaven Chase Bartlett- underage driving while impaired(16-17), display of registration plates, implied consent-misd, poss of handgun while under influence, 4-18-19

Billy Andrew Bivens- Seat Belt, paid

Diamond Brown- Seat belt, DNA

Kenneth Brown- speeding, paid

David Climer- speeding, 5-30-19

Jermaine Bruce Courtney- speeding, $50.00 fine & costs

Dustin Culver- Domestic assault, vandalism (up to 1000), harassment, vandalism >1,000 - <2,500, 4-25-19

John B Edwards- Driving while license susp, seat belt, 4-25-19

David Royce Ford- Driving while license susp, reckless driving, 4-25-19

Michael B Ford- DUI 2nd Offense, 600.00 fine & costs, 11/29 susp 45 days, 2yrs lic revok, DUI school

Mariah S Frazier- Seat belt, paid

Joey Colten Glascoff- Aggravated burglary-attempt, vandalism >1,000 - <2,500, contrib to delinq of a child, 4-25-19

Asia Shainic Grant- Speeding, DNA

Clyde M Grayum- Speeding, paid

Taliesha Rashawn Hart- Speeding, Tennessee license-30 day residency- DNA

Macie Leean Hoggard- Seat belt- DNA

Tucker Humphrey- Hunt/kill big game during closed season, paid

Mechelle Lynn Inman- false reports to officer, poss unlaw drug paraphernalia uses & activities, resist stop, arrest, search (no weap), jail docket

Justin Laron Kincaid- Speeding, driving while lic. Revoked, registeration expired, 4-25-19

Antione Lee- Seat belt- second or subsequent, paid

Kiley Christine McIntire- window tinted, failure to yield to emergency vehicle, DNA

Timmy W Moore- Illegal Taking/possess/ destruct of wildlife, paid

Dillon T Scobey- Illegal/taking/possess/destruct of wildlife, paid

James D Seaton- speeding, 5-30-19

Jarrod H Simpson- driving while license revoked-2nd or subsequent,seat belt, financial responsibility law, 4-25-19

Richard D Stacy- contrib to delinq of a child, 5-30-19

Mason Alexander Swope- seat belt, paid

Teresa A Thompson- drivers to exercise due care, 5-25-19

Shantaria Shuntell Willingham- speeding, window tinted, financial responsibility law, 4-25-19

James Terry Wilson- aggravated cruelty to animals, FTA- Bench warrant

Unis Elisa Yancy- speeding, paid

March 21

Xavier Q. Alston- driving while license susp, speeding, financial responsibility law, 4-25-19

Magdiel Laguna Alvarez- speeding, paid

Misty Dawn Anderson-child restraint children ages 9-15, DNA

Samuel Allan Arnold- speeding, 4-29-19

Rachel Suzanne Bearden- speeding, paid

Larry Jerome Burpo- speeding, 4-29-19

Pamela Jane Carter- speeding, 4-29-19

Lisa R Cherry- speeding, 4-29-19

Tanner Davis Craddock- speeding, paid

Michael B Ford- DUI: Second offense, drivers to exercise due care 3-25-19

Joseph Clinton Foster- obedience to any required traffic control device, paid

Preston Hale Gibbons- poss firearm intent to go armed-dangerous felony, theft (up to $1,000), Sch VI drugs: MFG, DEL,SELL,POSS, Sch II drugs: MFG, DEL, SELL, POSS, poss unlaw drug paraphernalia-attempt, failure to appear-misdemeanor, failure to appear-misdemeanor, driving while lic revok 2nd or subsequent, sch VI drugs: mfg, del,sell, poss, poss unlaw drug paraphernalia uses & activities, sound amplification system in motor vehicle, following too closely, seat belt,4-18-19

Tucker Humphrey- Aggravated assault, domestic assault, failure to appear-misdemeanor, 4-22-19

Joseph Franklin Inman- Theft (up to $1000), FTA-Bench warrant

Charles Zachary James- Driving while lic susp, speeding, FTA

Kevondraw Maleek Lee- speeding, DNA

Alleah Peevyhouse- Domestic assault, failure to appear-misdemeanor, failure to appear-misdemeanor, 7-15-19

Tammy Kathryn Pike- DUI:Fourth, driving while lic revok due to conviction of DUI, seat belt, drivers to exercise due care, 5-2-19

Natalie N Shaw- Speeding, paid

Holly N Simpson- speeding, 4-29-19

Quila A Smith- driving while lic susp, 4-22-19

Ethan David Spikes-speeding, seat belt, 4-29-19

Tammy L Viar- DUI:First Offense, implied consent-misd, 5-16-19

Alexandra Nichole Wilson- speeding, 4-29-19

Jannel Shantea Winters- disorderly conduct, criminal trepass, 4-22-19

Trudy Michell Woodfork- speeding, $50.00 fine & cost