On the Record

Tuesday, March 17, 2020


Clayton Dale Hutchins, 46 and Penny Gay Walton, 49

Wilson Sherrell Armstrong, 24 and Victoria Ann Frazier, 31

Sammy Lee Grimes Jr, 25 and Heather Marie Brewer Scott, 31

Timothy William Callins, 21 and Erica Nichole Sisk, 27

Deshun Jamal Dean, 29 and Jessica Monique Henderson, 27

Jeremy Scott McCann, 34 and Tracy Lynn Melton Fisher, 33

Michael Jason Thurman, 27 and Wynter Nicole Fisher, 21

Christopher Lee Clemmons, 35 and Karen Elizabeth Lowther, 65

Nicholas Jarrell Madison, 27 and Kaneshia Evon Raque Presberry, 23


Bivian Adair Forsythe Jr vs Jani Anne Forsythe

Jennifer Lane Bailey vs Jay Lynn Bailey

Brookelyn Faith Daniels vs Michael Anthony Daniels Jr.

Emily Sprouse Davis vs Corey Allan Davis

Jessica Talbot vs Brian Talbot

Lisa Michelle Flores vs Isaul Ramirez Flores

Thomas L King vs Shirley June King

Mary Elizabeth Braden vs Shawn Milton Braden

Jenna Mills vs Alexander Mills

Jessica Kate Chipman vs Austin Chipman

Caitlyn Williams vs Derek Williams

Ashley Ross vs Richard Ross

Tracie Renea Burns vs Mark Douglas Burns

Centauri Dixon vs Jessica Warden Dixon

Mario Deshun Moses vs Jade Nocole Moses

Dyer County General Sessions Court

March 2

Heather Marie Brown- physically hold/support telecommunication device- 25 fines/costs

John Dale Burns- drivers to use due care- 25 fines/costs

Stephanie Wilcox- speeding, financial respon- 04/30/20

Roxanne Skye Colliver- speeding- DNA

Brandon Cody Copeland- speeding, financial rspon-04/02/20

Allyson K Crum- speeding- DNA

Harriet L Gambel- speeding, open container- DNA

Sarah M Hayes- unlawful use of telecommunication device while driving- 25 fines/costs

Jamie L Howard- burglary-other habitation, theft(up to 1000)- FTA, bond revoked

Heather Brenee Ingle- speeding- DNA

Anthony R Jackson- speeding, drivers license to be carried and exhibited- 03/12/20 10am

Stacy S Jennings- dui: third offense, implied consent-misd, seat belt-18 and older, financial respon law, drivers to exercise due care- 05/28/20

Dante Antwan Jones- contra in penal faciity, poss weapon-convicted felon, schedule II drugs:mfg, del, sell, poss- 03/30/20 10am

Bobby C Kelley- speeding- DNA

Noah Jacob King- speeding- DNA

Jacob Samuel Kleiman- speeding- 04/30/20 10am

Chelsea B Ladd- following to closely- 03/05/20

James L Lee- speeding- DNA

Jathiya L Lillard- speeding, registration expired- DNA

Jerrard Long- driving while license susp, light law-motor vehicle, financial respon- 03/26/20

Jerrard Long- driving while license susp, resist stop, arrest, search( no weapon), improper passing( no passing zone), following to closely- 03/26/20

Jerrard Long- driving while susp-2nd or subsequent, speeding, seat belt-18 and older- 03/26/20 10am

Natasha Lungren- following to closely- DNA

Jason P Mayfield- speeding, financial respon law- DNA

Makayla Marie Miller- speeding- DNA

Harold Dewayne Neace- drivers to exercise due care, financial respon law- 03/12/20

Robert Adam Noe- speeding- 04/30/20

Gina Annette Singletary- drivers to exercise due care- 03/30/20

Christopher Tatum- 04/02/20

Garrett Shane Tidy- no medical cert on drivers poss, unknown, irp apportioned tag or registration violation, failure to pay ucr fee- DNA

Garrett Shane Tidy- drivers to exercise due care- DNA

Joshua Twitty- 04/02/20