On the Record

Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Grant Dawson Purvis, 21 and Kelsey Jayne Goode, 22

Justin Michael Todd, 31 and Chasity Daniell Street, 27

Terence Devonte Williams, 26 and Anastasia Delia Williams, 22

Marcus Antonio Russell, 42 and Candace Marquette Watson, 41

Nathan Christopher Miller, 22 and Cara Danielle Sweat, 21

Michael Allen Hatcher, 29 and Emily Rose Freeman, 28

Ronnie Dale Hardin, 51 and Sandra Kaye Hinson Mallard, 42

Austin Lane Dunevant, 23 and Leslie Olivia Crane, 22

Zachory Damien Foster, 32 and Alison Michelle Haley Choate, 36

Freddie Ford, 51 and Darlene Churchwell Amos, 55

Taylor Brent Burch, 24 and Allison Deanne Hayes, 24

Miguel Gonzalez, 22 and Kaley Rianna Martin, 22

Austin Barry Nail, 50 and Erica Marie Andresen, 42


Ashton Maria Adair Capps vs Dayton Halley Capps

Anastasia Rachel Waldron vs Kevin Michael Jenkins

Kristy Owens vs John C Owens

Sarah Elizabeth Sissom vs Anthony Wayne Sissom

Brian Byrd vs Christy Sego Byrd

Taylor Poyner vs Corey Poyner

Erica King vs Christopher King

Priscilla Chavez vs Luis Chavez

Samantha Paige Benthal vs James Alvin Gatlin

Bobbie Miller vs James Miller

Zachary Taylor Brown vs Amanda Nicole Brown

Jennifer Brown vs Joel Brown

Kayla Lynette Fuller vs Skyler Chance Vickery

Amy Jo Gathings vs Joseph Eric Gathings

Gena Atkins vs Carlton Atkins