On the Record

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Dyer County General Sessions

Nov. 16

Meaghan K Baker speeding, $50 fine and cost

John Paul Bennett probation violation, failure to appear, cont

William Kenneth Carver domestic, cont

Michael Bauam criminal trespass, 11/20 susp, pay cost, stay away from victim

Susan M Escobar dui 4th, driving while license revoked, implied consent, cont

Susan M Escobar contra in penal facility, resist arrest, assault, disorderly conduct, cont

Dyllon Hammock drivers to exercise due care, $50 fine and cost

Jonathan R Hannah Failure to appear, cont

Jonathan R Hannah driving while license suspended 2nd, vehicles/street car/stop sign, cont

Brant Allen Hartnell following too closely, financial responsibility law, driving without license, cont

Amber Nichole Hearod driving without license, seat belt, $30 fine and cost

Micheal P Hicks seat belt, paid in full

Jonathan Hogshooter driving while suspended, registration expired, failure to yield, failure to appear, 6 months suspended to 48 hrs, $50 fine and costs, 10 days susp to 5

Sarah Johnson domestic cont

James R Lyles driving while license revoked, ament to no d.l., 30 days suspension, costs, probation

James R Lyles false reports, amended to perjury, 11/29 suspended to 45 days, pay costs, $100 fine

Harold Dewayne Neace drivers to exercise due care, financial responsibility law, d.s.

Eric Lamont Nolan simple possession exchange, cont

Jamel Jawin Peden driving while license suspended, speeding, light law, financial responsibility law, cont

Jeffrey L Reed speeding, seat belt 2nd, cont

Jeffrey Lynn Reed theft, cont

Theo K Reeves dui, seat belt, cont

John Clark Richards dui 2nd, cont

Edith Marie Stacy driving without license, financial responsibility law, vehicle entering through highway, cont

Tammy L Viar probation violation, 15 day revocation, extend probation

Christy Terry fta, bench warrant

Yolanda Watson driving without license, reduced to no d.l. On person, 30 days suspension, pay cost

Ian White public intoxication fta, bench warrant

Gerrisha Monic Wigfall speeding, d.s.

Brandon K Williams driving while suspended 2nd, reckless driving, evading arrest in vehicle, reckless endangerment, evading arrest, speeding, cont

Corey Benjamin Williams dui, 11/29 suspended to 48 hours, $350 fine and costs, 1 yr license revocation, dui school, probation

Charity Ann Wilson speeding, $50 fine and cost