On the Record

Tuesday, January 24, 2023


Traylin Oran Scott McClure, 18 and Judith Guadalupe Vasquez, 18

Josage Chathura Pamuditha Perera, 29 and Anna Claire Lusk, 24

Lee Vaughn Clark, Jr., 46 and Cassidy Lyn McLemore, 20

Charles Andrew Jeter, 26 and Kaitlin Olivia Jones, 28

Jacob Ray Bloodworth, 31 and Nitasha Salam, 27

Alonzo Dwayne Johnson, 45 and Misty Nicole Phelps Brewer, 39


Ashley Dawn Davis v John Taylor Davis

Michael Lee White v Rebekah Claire White

Sherri Michelle Bowen v James Ryan Bowen

Antonio Gauldin v Tamika Gauldin

Tommy Lee Morgan v Stacie Marie Fincher

Melissa Diane Patton Rogers v Billy Gene Rogers III

Eric Collins v Leeann Collins

James Mamoru Cherry v Corey Jane Cherry

Bruce Marty Bishop Jr. v Latonya Tamika Bishop

Dyer County Court

Dec. 15

Stacy Ann Adkins- retailer sale of alcohol to minors- 11./29 susp 100 fine

Brandon Anderson- dom asslt

Jakobe M Barnett- driving while lic susp, speeding

Aqustin Diaz Bautista- 11/29 susp 100 fine

Bryan Blair- criminal trespass- cont

Maria Ana Estrada Bocardo- driving while lic susp, speeding, reg exp, fin resp law- fta bench

Douglas L Box- driving while lic rev- cont

Karagan N Brimm- seat belt- 30 fine

Brandi Nicole Carroll- sale of alcohol to a minor- 11/29 susp 100 fine

Michael Anthony Coleman- driving w/o lic, driving on rdwys laned for traffic- dna

James A Curtis- light law, fin resp law, driving w/o lic- dna

Kevin Wesley Davis- speeding- cont

Terry James Devaughn- speeding- paid

Danaya Dyson- speeding, drivers lic to be carried and exhibited, reg exp- cont

William Gene Ford- speeding- paid

Ladaruius Shaquan Fulton- speeding- paid

Leah Garrett- driving while lic rev, fin resp law, use of tele prohibited while driving

Tarina Hollis Garrigan- worthless checks- cont

Homer Hawks- driving while lic rev, resist stop, arrest, search (no weap)- 50 fine and costs, 6 months susp 10 days

Homer L Hawks- dui 1st- 11/29 susp 48 hrs, 350 fine. 1 yr lic rev

Dustin Allan Headley- speeding, open container- paid

Blake Austin Hooks- speeding- dna

Angela R Hunt- speeding- dna

Demontey L Jacobs- driving while lic susp 2nd or sub, light law, fin resp law-cont

Clintrick Olando Johnson- speeding

Kristi Lynne Johnson- speeding- 50 fine

Justin Coy Jordan- dui 1st, open container

Markeda Lashay Kimble- driving while lic susp- amend to no dl on person

Mercedes Danyelle Luster- speeding- dna

Latonya Evonne McCurry- speeding- dna

Charles Eric McReynolds- speeding

Chad Miller= dom asslt

Albert George Muisenga- speeding- 5 fine

Michael L Nance- dui 1st, implied consent

Darrell Nathaniel Nash- speeding

Victorino Olivera- sale of alcohol to minor- 100 fine

Tony A Parr-Prob viol

Betty Louise Peeples- speeding- dna

Antonio None Pickens- speeding- dna

Kenneth Pollock- dom asslt

Crystal P Rhones- simple poss/cas exchange

Jason Evans Rinehard- unlaw tele device, drivers to exer due care- 25 fine

Matthew Rogers- speeding, driving while lic susp, fin resp law, fta- fta

Ruban Avery Servin- speeding- paid

Jacky Ray Stone- public intox- fta

Jack Edward Wall- speeding, fin resp law, reg law

Antwan S White- prob viol

Carnell Rontell Williams- light law, driving w/o lic- dna

Jan. 5

Miguel Abbott- speeding, driving w/o lic- cont

David Bargery- burglary- jail docket

Christia R Batey- allow dogs to run at large prop dmg, fta- cont

Karagan N Brimm- underage driving while impaired, implied consent, driving on rdwys laned for traffic- cont

Daniel Hunter Brown- simple poss/cas exchange- cont

James J Brown- reg exp

Kyndal Leigh Cardwell- allowing unlic driver to drive, fta- 30 day susp ts, pay costs

Shawn L Chamberlain- driving while lic rev 2nd or sub- amend to no dl on person, pay 186

James Franklin Claybrook III-dom asslt, reckless endangerment vehicle/felony- cont

Thomas Allan Ducat- asslt bodily injury- cont

Michael R Hayes- sch VI drugs mfg, del, sell, poss, driving while lic susp, seat belt, unlawful removal/alt of reg tag- cont

Michael Holland- driving while lic susp 2nd or sub, speeding, reg req for vehicles hauling certain materials- cont

Conrad Jones- meth mfg, del, sell, poss w/intent- cont

Corey Douglas Nichols- agg asslt dom, interference w/ emergency calls- paid

Seth Michael Rodgers- speeding

Brandy Michelle Smith- speeding- cont

Derico Smith- public intox- fta

Wanda Townsend- meth mfg, del, sell, poss w/intent <1/2 gram- cont

Shelly L Walker- dui 2nd, implied consent, driving on rdwys laned for traffic