CLB OKs funding for Bogota Fire Department; votes cast for election of Budget Committee members

Tuesday, February 13, 2024
With six nominations to fill a five-seat committee, the Dyer County Commission was asked to vote on members for the Budget Committee. Following the vote, it was announced the Budget Committee would retain the same committee members.
State Gazette photo/Rachel Townsend


The Dyer County Legislative Body [CLB] convened Monday, February 12, to discuss a lengthy agenda, including the reelection of Budget Committee members and funding for the construction of the Bogota Fire Station. The meeting was well attended with numerous representatives from Dyer County volunteer fire stations in attendance.

During the Dyer County Legislative Body meeting, resident Joseph Burton expressed his need for new commissioners to serve on the Budget Committee.
State Gazette photo/ Rachel Townsend

Commissioner present included: Pam Newell, Brandon Dodds, Mark Korn, Steve Moore, Larry Shawver, Greg Vestal, Robert Kirby, Steve Sartin, Jimmy Hester, Kim “Peck” Peckenpaugh, Hunter Jackson, Chairman John Uitendaal, Debra Roberson, Debbie Bradshaw-Hart, Dob Johnson, James T “Bubba” Cobb, Victor McLin, Terry McCreight, and Bradley Gray.

Absent: Doug Singleteary

Other officials: Diane Moore and Dyer County Mayor David Quick.

Election of Budget Committee members

Joseph Burton, a member of the general public, appeared before the CLB to voice concerns over the length of time Budget Committee members have held their seats on the committee. Burton expressed a shared desire among some community residents to have new commissioners appointed to serve on the committee. He cited there being “too much conflict of interest” of the current committee.

Following Burton’s remarks, nominations were taken for the Budget Committee. The current Budget Committee is comprised of Chairwoman Debbie Bradshaw-Hart, Terry McCreight, James T. “Bubba” Cobb, Dob Johnson, and Kim “Peck” Peckenpaugh.

Nominations were as follows:

Jackson nominated Cobb.

Johnson nominated Peckenpaugh.

Peckenpaugh nominated Johnson.

Hester nominated Hart.

McLin nominated McCreight.

Dodds nominated Roberson.

With six nominations, a paper ballot was held among commissioners to determine the five committee members to fill seats.

Each commissioner was asked to sign his/her respective ballot sheet as required by law. Noted by the State Gazette, information regarding the votes of each commissioner was not made public during the meeting, only the final tally. After tallying the votes, it was announced that commissioners Hart, Cobb, Johnson, McCreight, and Peckenpaugh would remain on the committee.

Speaking to members of the general public in attendance at the meeting, several expressed feelings the CLB should have made the votes public knowledge during the meeting, allowing constituents the knowledge of who each commissioner chose to vote for.

Following the meeting, the State Gazette requested access to the ballots; however, many signatures attached to the ballot sheets were found to be illegible. All ballots are public information and are available at the request of members of the public.

Bogota Fire Department

As discussed during a Budget Committee meeting held on February 8 [Local News: Budget Committee OK. funding for construction of Bogota fire station; updates discussed on county projects (2/9/24) | Dyersburg State Gazette], additional funding for the Bogota Fire Department was presented by Budget Chairwoman Debbie Bradshaw-Hart. While Budget Committee members approved a motion allocating a total County contribution of approximately $287,808, Hart said the committee voted based on incorrect numbers presented by TLM.

Upon further review, the project was underquoted by $46,095. Jackson, who has overseen this project for the last several months as chairman of the Building Committee, explained that $25K was allocated for contingencies. Should the $25K not be used during the construction of the building, the County would receive that portion back.

Collectively, the County’s investment in the building project is now valued at $333,903, with a total cost (including grant funding) of $929,252. According to Hart and Jackson, the bid from TLM will expire on February 17. If the motion fails to pass the CLB, it would be redirected back to the Budget Committee for further review. Jackson noted that the project would need to be re-bid past the 17th deadline, at which time he expected bids would exceed the current project price by upwards of 30 percent due to a rise in the cost of materials.

A motion passed to approve funding the project. All commissioners voted in favor of the motion except Uitendaal and Shawver.


Re-appointments were all recommended by Dyer County Mayor David Quick.

On a motion made by Jackson and seconded by Cobb, the CLB approved James Lee, Tracy Latham, and Ray Lowrance to the Industrial Development Board.

On a motion made by Jackson and seconded by Gray, the CLB approved Jimmy Hester, Rusty Grills, Cherie Kirby, and Patsy Peckenpaugh to be re-appointed to the Ag Committee. [Kim] Peckenpaugh abstained from the vote.

Local Government

Local Government Chairman Brandon Dodds asked the CLB to ammend the Dyer County Policy Book, adding Juneteenth as a federal holiday.

A motion was made by Dodds and seconded by Cobb, with all others voting in favor.

Dodds motioned to approve a $750/month three-year lease for the Northwest Tennessee Economic Development Council. Dodds said the NWTEDC lease space at the Dyer County Community Complex property. The lease is for a space sized at roughly 1,627 sq. ft.

A motion was made by Dodds and seconded by Peckenpaugh, with all others voting in favor.

A motion was made to approve Roberson as chairwoman of the Health and Safety Standards Appeals Board for a term of two years; Tim Owens was appointed for a term of 4 years; Jason Harper was appointed for a term of four years; Nathaniel Welch was appointed for a term of three years; Missy Thurmond was appointed for a term of three years.

The motion passed with unanimous support from the CLB.

Budget transfers

A motion was approved to allow the following transfers, with Vestal noted as the only opposing commissioner:

$28,009 was received from the Small Rural Body Camera Program Grant
$271,000 was received from the Epidemiology Laboratory Capacity for Infectious Diseases Grant
$4,153 was received from the JAG Grant (Interlocal agreement with the City of Dyersburg)
A donation of $7,500 was received from Dot Foods for law enforcement.
TBI reimbursed the Sheriff’s Department with $1,807.62 for overtime.
$1,200 was received as reimbursement for pallets at the Office on Aging.
$1,527.50 was reimbursed to the County from the University of Tennessee College of Nursing for the Mobile Health Unit Contract.
$18,336 was reimbursed to the County due to an increase in the insurance deductible.
$605,388 was moved from the Fund Balance into the TDEC Infrastructure account to be used as a 15% match (approved by the Dyer County Legislative Body in October of 2022.) Vestal asked if any of the utility districts receiving TDEC funds were private businesses to which Quick confirmed there were. Memorandums of Agreement were initially discussed and approved to be brought before the CLB during the February 8, Budget Committee meeting [Local News: Budget Committee OKs funding for construction of Bogota fire station; updates discussed on county projects (2/9/24) | Dyersburg State Gazette].
Various allocations discussed and previously approved by the Dyer County Board of Education [Local News: Dyer County School Board recognizes tenured teachers, OKs grant funding for CTE program, school safety, and PADD (2/7/24) | Dyersburg State Gazette].
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