On the Record

Tuesday, April 27, 2021


Jonathon Ryan Ramsey, 26 and Madalyn Ruth Crook, 25

Shawn Miguel Mendoza, 45 and Farrah Ann Farrell Rosales, 44

Kevin Andre Newman Jr., 29 and Kierra Latashay Whitmore, 27

Shaundra Larone Juniel Sr., 46 and Shannon Nicole Epkins Maxwell, 42

Dylan Todd Chornopyski, 28 and Mackenzie Brenda Clark, 26


Misty Jo Boyd vs Kevin Scott Boyd

Kaitlin Dianne Schmaltz vs William Barry Schmaltz

Regina Faye Vancleave vs Cory Adam Vancleave

Robert L. Decker vs Kimberly J. Decker

Amanda Allen vs Joshua Allen

Alejandra Elizabeth Pena vs Juan Luis Ramirez

Ashley Marie Rahm vs John Allen Rahm

Lisa Carol Connor vs Robert Leslie Connor Ii

Brandon Lee Shawver vs Lindsy Dawn Shawver

Anna Lea Middlebrook vs Madison Taylor Middlebrook

Gregory Parrish vs Towanda Michelle Parrish

Tina Louise Davis vs Timothy Jemar Davis

Latisha Renee Gourley vs William Earl Gourley

Michael Mills vs Taylor Mills

Mary Kathryne Burks vs David William Lenahan

James Loyd Spence vs Aleta Rachelle Spence

Chasity Annette Hipps vs Timothy Ray Hipps

Kema Marie Harper vs Demetric Debosio Harper

Shawna Adkins vs Michael Adkins

Dyer County General Sessions Court

April 5

Serita Nicole Adams – dui: 1st offense, simple poss/ casual exchange, 11/29 susp 48 hrs, $350.00 fine plus cost, 1 yr lic revoc, dui school, financial responsibility law

Rogelio Aguilera – speeding, paid

Billy F Alexander – Unlawful use of telecom device while driving, $25.00 fine plus cost

Chelsea Aneise Anderson – speeding, driving school

Sarah R Anderson – speeding, cont.

Christian F Arreola – speeding, driving school

Alysa Anne Bohanan – move over law, $100.00 fine plus cost

Timothy J Bolden – speeding, paid

Makalyla J Briggs – driving w/o lic, cont.

Dennis L Bryant – obedience to require traffic control device, d.n.a.

Billy R Burns – drivers to exercise due care, driving w/o lic, d.n.a

Maigon Elizabeth Campbell-Nowlin – speeding, d.n.a

Celeste Marie Canada – speeding, cont.

William Ryker Clayton – domestic asslt, f.t.a.

Adam Wilson Crawford – speeding, open container, $50.00 fine

Donna Gaye Crosskno – speeding, paid

Jimmy Woods Cunningham – speeding, driving w/o lic, d.n.a.

Jackson Hayes Davis – driving while susp lic- 2nd or subsequent, seatbelt- 18+, registration exp., financial responsibility law, f.t.a., cont.

Michael Edwards – poss weapon, schedule III drugs: mfg, del, sell, poss, schedule VI drugs: mfg, del, sell, poss, poss unlaw drug paraphernalia uses and activities, cont.

James A Ford – speeding, d.n.a.

Hunter Gage Glover – speeding, driving school

Timothy T Hagwood – speeding, paid

Jonathan Hogshooter – f.t.a., probation violation, theft of property >$1,000 to <$2,500, criminal trespass, f.t.a.

Troy R Holder – violent offender own/possess vicious dog, cont.

Rachel L Hutchson – assult, physical contact, cont.

Taylor B. Jones – speeding, driving school

Justin A. Kimbrell – driving while lic revok 2nd or sub due to conviction of dui, financial responsibility law, drivers exercise due care, immediate notice of accident, f.t.a.

Justin Allan Kimbrell – driving while lic revok, seat belt- 18+, leave scene of accident – property damage, immediate notice of accident, drivers to exercise due care, f.t.a.

Nicholas Kotto Knox – speeding, paid

Jacob Ray Martin –illegal taking/poss/ destruct of wildlife, fail wearing daylight flor orange w/hunt big game, paid forfeit

David Duane McConnell – registration taxes for freight motor vehicles, paid

Daphane McCrite – speeding, paid

Timothy T McPhearson – speeding, paid

Molly Marie Mendenhall – speeding, driving school

Jacob M Mendez – unlawful use of telecom device while driving, paid

Ashley Eliseabeth Mitchell – speeding, driving school

Darron W Moore – speeding, d.n.a.

Robert J Ogden – speeding, driving w/o lic, d.n.a.

Jazmin Dawn Owens – seatbelt- 18+, paid

Ariana S Patterson – driving while lic susp, seatbelt- 18+, cont.

Ricky Lee Patterson – speeding, d.n.a.

Kathryn E Pickler – speeding, paid

Denise R Reed – speeding, d.n.a.

Garitt Brent Reed – Logbook- no record of duty status, registration exp, paid

Kevin A Reeves – driving while susp lic, display of registration plates, financial responsibility law, cont.

Travis D Roberson – dui: 1st offence, resist stop, arrest, search (no weap), disorderly conduct, implied consent- misd, cont.

Jose J Rodriguez – speeding, d.n.a.

Latrell D Rogers – speeding, driving while lic revok, cont.

Joey M Sanderson – seat belt 18+, $30.00 fine

James Scates – speeding, cont.

David L. Scott – drivers to exercise due care, $25.00 fine plus cost

Christopher Hezeniah Smith – speeding, driving w/o lic, display of registration plates, cont.

Gennifer W Smith – driving while lic revok, driving on rdwys laned for traffic, cont.

Lamarcus Jermaine Swain – move over law, d.n.a.

Katelyn Onora Lee Watkins – speeding, driving school

Casey Marie Watson – speeding, $50.00 fine plus cost

Latonya Ann Wesley – speeding, d.n.a.

Christopher Cody West – speeding, driving school

Raymond White – speeding, driving school

Lori L Williams – allow dogs to run at large, property damage, cont.

Olivia Breanne Williams – seatbelt 18+, paid

Jason Wilson – drivers to exercise due care, $25.00 fine plus cost

Johnathan Michael Zarate – speeding, cont.

April 8

Charles J Barbee – drivng w/ sus lic, speeding, f.t.a. misdemeanor, f.t.a

Charles J Barbee – driving w/ sus lic, speeding, f.t.a.

Michael Cruz – dom. asslt., false imprisonment, vandalism (up to $1,000)

Tony Lee Ivy – speeding

Terry M Jones – v.o. order of protection/ restraining order

Terry M Jones – dom. agg. asslt, v.o. order of protection/ restraining order

Robert Livingston – d.u.i 1st offense, seatbelt, open container, financial responsibility law, drivers to exercise due care

Robert Livingston – d.u.i 1st offense, registration expired

John McLean – vandalism (up to $1,000), f.t.a.

Ricky Mobb – f.t.a.

Jeffrey Moore – driving w/ lic rev, evading arrest flight – vehicle, reckless endangerment –vehicle/ felony

Jeffrey Moore – speeding, driving w/ lic rev, seat belt, obedience to any required traffic control device

Brittney Ann Pettit – probation violation

Autumn Paige Wheeler – speeding, 10 hrs community service, driving school

Victoria Alexandria Wilkes – speeding, driving school

Terry Willis – (2) probation violation

April 12

Tina Denise Cantrell – obedience to any required traffic control device, $25 fine/cost

Cesar Ariel Carranza Escoto – speeding, $50 fine/cost

Cesar Ariel Carranza Escoto – driving w/o lic, $50 fine only

Morgan Andrew Hartline – drivers to exercise due care, safety rules and regulations- inspection of vehicle, d.n.a.

Jacob Hugueley – contrib to delinq of a child

Damon Lydale Alexander Jr. – speeding, d.n.a.

Johnisha Lashay Nelson – driving w/ lic susp, speeding, financial responsibility law, f.t.a bench warrant

Natalie Burks Patterson – speeding, trial

Jackie Lee Permenter – (two counts) public intoxication, f.t.a. bench warrant

Danny J Robertson – logbooks, no record of duty status, d.n.a.

April 15

Shirley K Aden – theft (up to $1,000)

Shirley K Aden – (two counts) disorderly conduct

Shirley K Aden – bodily injury asslt, disorderly conduct, resist stop, arrest, search (no weapon), v.o.p./ restraining order

Billy Burns – driving w/o lic, exercise due care, dismissed

Jimmie E Burton – schedule II drugs, meth, poss unlaw drug paraphernalia uses and activities

Jimmie E Burton – obedience to any required traffic control devices

Charles Horne – Aggr dom asslt

Barry Scott Hughes – registration expired

Tylan Isbell – theft (up to $1,000), dom asslt, jail docket

Morris Kirk – theft (up to $1,000), joyriding- temp taking of vehicle, cont.

Katherine Morris Llerenas – speeding, d.n.a.

Khristian Elizabeth Perrine – unlawful use of telecom device while driving, $25.00 fine/cost

Tammy G Shipley – d.u.i. 2nd offense amended to d.u.i 1st offense, defendant to do in-patient treatment, susp 10 days $350.00 fine/cost, 1 yr lic rev, westate prob

Peyton E Walker – dom asslt, f.t.a.