On the Record

Tuesday, September 7, 2021


Jerquan Clay Woods, 22 and Tyeesha Nikea Watkins, 26

Michael Lamar Mitchell, 48 and Linda Jean McKinnis Huspon, 42

Terry Lee Mcelrath, 28 and Arica Katrice Robinson, 25

Wyatt Adam Hill, 32 and Courtney Dawn Anderson Beasley, 33

Ethan Allen McDonald, 17 and McKenlie Ann Patterson, 19

Antonio Michael Foster, 34 and Tkeysha Monique Harbor, 29

Dontavious Pierre Nelson, 29 and Fantasha Sabre Buntyn, 25

Dyer County General Sessions

August 9

Solomon Akins Jr – simple poss/ casual exchange (marij ½ oz or 14.175 grams), tamp w/ evidence, driving w/ lic susp, cont.

Jashaun L Baker – driving w/ lic susp, speeding, cont.

Seth Andrew Bell – speeding, cont, ds

Amber Benham – speeding, cont, ds

Anthony R Berra – speeding, cont, ds

Pamela Katrece Brown – speeding, dna

Reynaldo Ramon Castellanos – speeding, paid

Morgan Chayse Crews – speeding, financial responsibility law, dna

Mark A Denham – speeding, dna

Erika Franette Dupree – speeding, dna

Tiereney Renee Elddridge – speeding, $50 fine+ cost, cont.

Amanda J Evans – seatbelt 18+, reg exp, dna

Meghan Elizabeth Goodard – reg exp, cont.

Anthony M Goosinow – speeding, $50 fine+cost, cont.

Elizabeth Harrison – unlaw use of telecom device w/ driving, paid in full

Dixie C Haynes – driving w/ lic rev 2nd, seatbelt 18+, reg exp, cont.

Justin Lane Henson – speeding, paid forfeit

Penny Gay Walton Hutchins – agg asslt- dom, dom asslt, cont.

Odis Ray Kendall – fail to yield right of way, driving w/ lic susp, cont.

Jenica L Kozlowski – simp poss/casual exchange- meth, poss unlaw drug paraphernalia uses and acts, cont.

William Cook Lancaster – following too closely, reg exp, dna

Campbell Scott Lattus – speeding, $50 fine+cost, cont.

Vickie L Lebo – speeding, cont, ds

Marcedus Sintell Leech – speeding, cont, ds

Lisa Carol Lindley – sched II drugs: mfg, del, sell, poss, sched VI drugs:mfg, del, sell, poss, poss unlaw drug paraphernalia uses and acts, state warrant done

Jerrard Long – driving w/ lic susp, fail drivr stp sce acc inv injury, open container, financial responsibility law, drivers to exercise due care, immediate notice of accident, cont.

John Thomas Maddux – federal bridge law, paid

Steven Wayne Maharrey – reg exp, cont.

Carl Monroe Merrit – safety rules and reg – inspection of vehicle, dna

Megan A Monroe – drivers to exercise due care, $25 fine+cost, seatbelt 18+ dismissed, financial responsibility law, pay cost only

Austin Blake Neace – speeding, paid

Donna Leigh Olswing – speeding, cont, ds

Melissa Alssa Pirtle – speeding, cont, ds

Katie D Pruitt – speeding, dna

Craig Lamont Randaul – driving w/ lic rev 2nd or sub

Effie Helen Randaul – driving w/ lic rev, child restraint ages 4-8, financial responsibility law

William Robert Richardson – speeding, cont.

Jesse L Robertson – speeding, cont.

Shelby Brooke Runions – speeding, cont, ds

Stephen C Russell – speeding, dna

Levi D Sirmon – seatbelt 18+, dna

Shaquille Bryant Smith – speeding, dna

James T Taylor – speeding, cont, ds

Eisha Terrell – speeding

Ayauna Shikira Renee Thomas – speeding, paid

Brandon Jacob Walker – speeding

Laquinton Wells – aggr asslt dom, cont.

Wade R Willis – speeding, paid

Shanika Shante Wilson – speeding

August 12

Michelle L Basham – sched II drugs: mfg, del, sell, poss, sched VI drugs: mfg, del, sell, poss, poss unlaw drug paraphernalia uses and acts, fta bench warrant

Justin R Burns – speeding, $50 fine+cost, cont

Matthew H Corum – driving w/ lic rev, 6 mos susp 48 hrs, $50 fine+cost, 6 mos lic rec, westate, cont

Joy A Decker – probation violation, ext prob.

Latasha Marie Farrell – driving w/o lic, seatbelt 18+, financial responsibility law, drivers lic to be carried and exhibited

Eric Fowler – aggr crim tresp oth/th habit, hosp, school, poss of burglary tools, fta bench warrant

Katina Marie Jackson – speeding, $25 fine+cost, cont

Jermiah L Johnson – driving w/ lic susp, speeding, cont

Brandon Dewayne Jones – aggr asslt dom, violation of order of protection/ restraining order, cont

Christopher Wayne Lee – fraud use credit/ debit card $1,000-$2,000 fta bench warrant

Jeremy G Lemons – improper passing (no passing zone), financial responsibility law, cont

Charles E Manns – dui 1st per se, drivers to exercise due care, implied consent- enhancement only, pd apt, cont

Frankie L Mays – driving w/ lic rev, speeding, cont

Jennifer Mcdonald – probation violation, worthless checks up to $500, pay restitution, cont.

Jacelyn Mosely – aggr asslt – dom, pd apt, cont

Brandon Matthew Nicholson – driving w/ lic susp, speeding, cont

Ariana Patterson – driving w/ lic susp, seatbelt 18+, fta, cont

Dakota Petrey – improper passing (no passing zone), reg exp, financial responsibility law, driving w/ lic susp, fta, fta, driving w/o lic, financial responsibility law, cont

Brittney Ann Pettit – probation violation, fta, cont.

Ja’Quon Latrell Roberson – speeding, financial responsibility law, poss firearm to go armed-dangerous felony, evading arrest flight-vehicle att, reckless driving, defend is in federal custody

Jaquon Roberson – sched VI drugs 10 lbs-70lbs, poss firearm intent to go armed-dangerous felony

Christopher Hezeniah Smith – speeding, ds, cont

Tyler C Toe – speeding, paid

Peyton Walker – dom asslt, fta, fta, cont.

Peyton Walker – driving w/ lic susp 2nd, leave scene of accident- property damage, seatbelt 18+, unlaw removal/alteration of reg plates, financial responsibility law, drivers to exercise due care, cont.

Stanley Terence Ward – driving w/ lic rev, seatbelt 18+, cont.

Daniel Eugene Williams – sched II drugs: mfg, del, sell, poss, dismissed, poss unlaw drug paraphernalia uses and acts, 11/29 susp ts, $300 fine+cost, drug screens, westate prob,

Donovan M Winter – driving w/o lic, seatbelt 18+, fta bench warrant

August 16

Timothy J Bolden – seatbelt 18+, $55 fine, cont

William Rykey Clayton – dom asslt, 11/29 susp time served no violent contact, pay costs, fta, 10 days no cost

David N Dahl – seatbelt 18+, dna

Bobby Lynn Dennison – seatbelt 18+, dna

Charles E Glascoff – seatbelt 18+, cont

Clifford Edward Halford – driving w/o lic, $25 fine+cost, cont

Michael D Johnson – reg exp, dna

Billy L McNeely – seatbelt, paid

Preston Lynn McNeely – seatbelt 18+, paid

Cynthia Denise Milligan – driving w/ lic rev 2nd or sub, simple poss/ casual exchange, cont

Steven P Morris – speeding, dna

Cynthia Denise Owens – dom asslt, cont.

Brandon Owsley – seatbelt 18+, paid

Levi N Neaton – seatbelt 18+, dna

Mark A Shaikh – seatbelt 18+, driving w/o lic, cont

Justin Glen Stewart – seatbelt 18+, dna