On the Record

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Dyersburg Court

June 19 - 23

Christian Michael Barnett-ftj-11/29 susp 30, waive costs, consecutive to ts (full rev)

Aquashun Bowdert-fta-11/29 susp to 20 days no costs

Jason Allen Bradford-viol of prob 2- 30 days, pay costs, ext prob, restart screens

Jonathan Austin Couey-viol of prob 3-full rev, balance of time

Dewight D Cox- viol of prob 2- 30 days, costs, ext prob, start drug screens

Brant Hartwell Edwards-fabricating/tampering w evidence-waive prelim, b/o

Tonya Hughes- fta, vop 2 -11/29 susp to 20 days, consecutive

Anthony Lynn Jones- poss of sch II (meth)-11/29 susp 30, 750 fine and costs

Ahmad Deray Kimble- vop 2-30 days, ext prob, restart drug screens

Steven Dewayne Lemonds-vop 4- full rev

Michael Anthony Maclin- vop 1- 15 days, costs, ext prob, restart drug screens

Mercedee Mayberry-fta-11/29 susp ts, waive costs, assume old fines and costs

Kathy Parette-simple asslt, harassment (oral threat)-cont 6 months, costs, drug screens, if no further trouble dism

Cary Lee Sims-vop 5-full rev

Gabrielle Shabree Vandyke- theft of prop conduct involve merch-11/29 susp, costs, restrained from Walmart

Tandrea Wesley-vop 2-full rev, balance of time

July 10 - 14

Matthew Tyler Bates- theft all other o/1000-waived prelim b/o

Jamie Luanne Benthal- viol of order of protection, VOP 2- 11/29, no contact w/victim, consecutive

William Andy Burns- driving on can/susp/rev 3rd-b/o

Ashton Paige Cherry-fta-11/29 susp to 40 days, assume old fines/costs

Felicia Dawn Crenshaw-vop 5- full rev/balance of time

Tavarius Deshun Currie- driving on can/susp/rev,fta-dism on costs

Alvin Dupree- dui- 11/29 susp 48 hrs, 350 fine and costs, 1 yr lic rev

Brian Wayne Godair-resist,stop,frisk, halt-6 mos susp to 15 days, concurrent

Christopher Gourley- joyriding,temp. taking of motor veh.-11/29 susps to ts, pay costs

Malcolm Hall Jr-dui-11/29 susp to 32 days, 350 fine/costs, 1 yr lic rev, unsup

Waylon Hill-fta, vio of an order of protection-11/29 susp 50, costs, no contact w/victim

Demetric C Johnson-theft under 2500, theft of prop under 1000, burglary of an auo, theft of prop conduct invov merch-waive prelim b/o

Keaston Jones-fta-10 days, waive costs

Dakota B Kiestler-fta,vop 1-11/29 susp to 10 days

Raven Charity Monroe-theft o 2500-waive prelim, b/o

John Ivan Moody-fta, vop 2-11/29 susp to 20 days, waive costs

Lisa Carol Parr-theft of prop conduct involve merch-11/29 susp 20, costs, restrained from Walmart

Brooklyn Deann Pate- fta, vop 4-11/29 susp to 20 days

Clifford Peel Jr.-fta-10 days, waive costs

Ronald Stiner-poss sch V-11/29 susp to ts, 750 fine/costs, 6 mos drug screens, unsup

Shelby Dee Taylor-theft of prop conduct invol merch,fta-11/29 susp to 15 days, costs, no Walmart

7/17 THRU 7/21

Wesley C Barrett-fta-10 days susp to ts, no costs

Tina M Bell-driving on can/susp/rev 3rd-11/29 susp 30, 100 fine and costs

Roger Bennett-fta-10 days susp ts, waive costs, assume old fine and costs

Gregory Branch-poss of sch II (meth)-11/29 susp 30, 750 fine and costs, drug screens

James Lee Burns Jr-false reports of motor vehicle acc-30 days susp 48 hrs, costs

Nicolas T Coker-fta-11/29 susp to 20 days, waive costs, assume old fines/costs

Joey Thomas Glascoff-agg criminal tres-11/29 susp ts, waive costs

Blake Madison James- dom asslt-11/29 susp to ts, pay costs

Shae Kelley-theft of prop conduct involve merch-11/29 susp ts, costs, restrained from Family Dollar

Albert Lemons-fta,vop 1-11/29 susp 20, waive costs

David Mathis-fta,vop 3-11/29 susp 20, waive costs

Randall Craig Owens-fta, vop1-11/29 susp to 70 days, waive costs

Hope Lorraine Phelps-fta-11/29 susp 50, waive costs, assume old fines and costs

Roxanna Marie Revell-fta,vop 2-11/29 susp 20, waive costs

Nicolette Kay Sanderson-driving while lic can/susp/rev-dism on no dl costs

Christopher Sloan-theft of prop conduct involve merch-11/29 susp ts, costs, restrained from Walmart

Antwan S White-evading arrest, dui 2nd-11/29 susp 45, 600 fine and costs, 2 yr lic rev