On the Record

Friday, November 17, 2023

City of Dyersburg

Aug. 8

Christy L Bagget- Aggravated Burglary, Theft-

Elizabeth Burnette/Mathieu- Resist Stp/arrst/srch. Disorderly Conduct, Assualt

Dakota Davidson- Dui 1st, Open Container, Implied Consent-

Randalla A Hackle- Schedual II Drugs, Meth, Smple Poss, Drug Paraphernalia, Possess Firearm Intent to go Armed-

Michelle Lee Bush Harrellson- Smpl Poss, FtA

Tyler L Jacobs- Speeding- Pay Cost

Linda Kay Permenter Lovell- False Reports to Officer, Abuse of Corpse

Marcellous Juan Nash- Prob Violation, Meth, Resist Stp/Arrst/Srch, Poss Drug Paraphernalia, FtA

Douglas W Rose Jr.- Smpl Poss, Contra In Penal Facility, Meth, Schedual II Drugs,

Cynthia A Smith- Meth, Contra in Penal Facility, Drv while Lic Rev 2nd, Open Container

Xavier D Taylor- Dui 1st, Driving Unregistered Vehicle, Financial Responsibility Law, Drivers to Excersize Due Care, Unlawful Removal/Alteration of Registration Tag

Leslie Toles- Cruelty to Animals, Driving While Lic Revoked 2nd, Financial Responsibility Law, Seat Belt 18 and Older, Aggravated Criminal Littering, Forgery, Identity Theft, Resist Stp/Arrst/Srch, Aggravated Burglary,

Aug. 10

Brittney L Clanton- Allowing Dog to Run at Large- 100 Fine

Jody D Floyd- Driving while Lic Rev 2nd, Seat Belt, Fin Responsibility Law

Mark Garner- Possession of Weapon, Scheduale II Drugs, Simple Poss, Display Regestration Plates

Darrell T Gooch- Violation of Order of Protection, FtA,

Jonathan W Gooch- Driving while Lic Suspended 2nd, Seat Belt, Finacial Responsibility Law,

Anthony Roy Jackson- Simple Poss, Speeding- 250 fine and Drug Screening

William Lester Johnson- Second Degree Murder, Abuse of Corpse, Attempt of False Report,

Austin Lyons- Aggravated Assault

Chad Miller- Domestic Assault, Aggravated Assault, False Imprisonment, Resist Stp/Arrst/Srch

Joshua Scott Roy- Driving While Lic Rev 2nd,

Michel Screws- Domestic Assault, FtA

Vinson Taylor- Simple Poss, Poss Drug Paraphernalia,

Forrest Harrison- Schedule II Drugs, Schedule IV Drugs, Domestic Assault- 250 Fine, Dismissed

Stephen Forrest Harrison II- FtA, Financial Responsibility Law, Driving on Rdwys Laned for Traffic

Thaddeus Jarod Johnson- Meth,

Marissa Perry- Driving While Lic Rev 2nd, Evading Arrest risk of Death or Injury, Reckless Endangerment Vehicle, Speeding, Financial Responsibility Law,

Tristan Bautista Pimental- Meth